Animal Healing Network

by Rozi Ulics, Organizer

Just like the TOS Healing Network for People, our Animal Healing Network is a powerful force to help bring comfort and healing to our animal brethren.  By providing this daily service free-of-charge, we hope to offer healing energy and help shoulder some of the burden people feel when faced with a pet or animal’s sickness or death.

If you know of any sick, injured or dying animals, please submit the names by Internet.

If you would like to join us by performing a simple healing ceremony on a regular basis (individuals or groups are welcome), please email us at TOSAnimalHealing at (replace "at" with "@" and remove spaces) and we will send you a copy of instructions and names of patients on a scheduled basis.  Names remain on the list for forty days and healers report an incredible sense of joy and well-being by participating together in such a simple, but purposeful endeavor.