• Tried and True Vegan Recipes

    We are working to set up a collection of tried and true vegan recipes to help encourage people who want to adopt a plant based diet, but are not sure how to go about it. If you are interested in helping with this project or are a vegan with delectable taste, contact us at theoservice@gmail.com.

  • Olcott School

    For over 120 years, the Olcott Memorial Higher Secondary School (OMHSS) has been providing a solid education for underprivileged boys and girls in Adyar, a suburb of Chennai, India. Fund raising work still continues as English is introduced as the new medium and efforts are made to orient the teaching style toward the theosophical education model outline by Vic Hao Chin in his book Establishing Theosophical Schools.

  • The Dangers of Plastic

    Members of the Salt Lake City Theosophical Society displayed the devastating effect of plastic pollution on the oceans, animal life, and humanity at the University of Utah. Members set up a massive display and spent hours talking to community member of all ages. According to one man, the display provided “a profound, realistic picture that forces us to look at our choices, and the consequences of that choice.”

  • Latest Issue of For the Love of Life

    The theme of our 2016-2017 winter issue of For the Love of Life revolves around death, dying, and living fully. Comments from readers have been very positive despite the sensitive topic, stating that this particular issue was “thought-provoking” and “insightful.”
    One reader wrote “I read it from cover to cover unable to put it down!” The editorial staff would like to thank its readers for all its support. Copies are available by request.

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Friends and members of the TOS have asked if we are collecting donations for relief work amongst the victims of the April 25 2015 earthquake in Nepal and its aftershocks.  The TOS does not have a presence in this country so we suggest that you visit the website of Karuna-Schechen (http://karuna-shechen.org/), a highly respected organization that has been working in Nepal for over 15 years.  Its vibrant outreach programme (including mobile medical clinics and camps) is in place in a large number of locations with a team of professional Read more about SUPPORT FOR THE VICTIMS OF THE APRIL 2015 EARTHQUAKE IN NEPAL

July 2015 – An Important Question

Are we too busy to meditate? What about exercise, can we fit that into our schedules? Then there are the myriad other things for which we are responsible, or think we are: care and feeding of family, pets, houses, gardens, nurturing friendships. What’s that you say? You have a job, and you’re active in your local Theosophical Society (TS) lodge! You volunteer at the food bank once a week, and you’re taking a class. Are you getting a good night’s sleep? Sleep? What’s that you ask? Read more about July 2015 – An Important Question



The goal of the TOS is service to our fellow humans and all of life on our planet. We encourage participation on this website through comments by both TOS members and non-members. For more detail on the TOS, please see About Us.

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